Parenting Memes!

Have you got kids? Then you might relate to some of the following...

Being a parent can be exhausting

Does this happen to you after your little sweetheart slips into slumber?

Sometimes it just works

Sometimes all you can do is smile and enjoy the rare moments when you don't have to battle to get things done.

Good morning mummy

This is what parents with young kids see every morning at 6am on the end of their beds. It's cute, but how about a little sleep in every now and again.

Is this what life has been leading up to?

Look, they've got to be done. And we know there's more to life than doing chores. But sometimes it feels like it's all you ever do.

Who are we?

Blobfish Books make stories for kids. Have a squiz at our stories to see which one would make your beditme routine a little more fun.

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