Ideas for Kindy teachers. Audio Story Time

Audio stories are tops. Not only do kids love it, audio stories evoke imagination, instill language and teach vocal expression by example. They captivate little minds especially for high quality produced work with sound effects, music and multiple voice actors.

So, the next time your classroom of little angels / monsters need a story fix, why not give your vocal chords a rest, put your feet up on the desk, and let the speakers do the rest?

Our audio story Snuffy - That Nuisance Nose is available all over the place including the big boys such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Play Books.

But the best news is that it’s free (on iTunes or Google Play Books) if you sign up to the Blobfish Books newsletter! We’ll keep you in the loop whenever we release a new story that you might tickle your fancy or be a valuable resource for your classroom.

We’d love to hear from teachers / librarians like yourself. Let us know how your students enjoyed listening to audio stories and if they enjoyed Snuffy.

See ya later, alligator.

Listen to a quick preview of Snuffy

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